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Pricing and Payments Policy


All prices on Just For Warehouse are listed in USD.  All promotions are available starting 10:00 AM EST on the initial start date and are valid for the specified period of time or for limited stock offers.


Payment Options

Just For Warehouse accepts the following credit cards:

  • MasterCard
  • Visa
  • American Express


  • We currently are not able to accept Paypal, Google Checkout, CODs, Personal Checks or other types of credit cards.

Important Payment Information

Security Note:

  • In order to increase security, the customers' billing name, address and phone number must be identical to the information that appears on the credit card monthly billing statement. We reserve the right to cancel any order that does not comply to this.

Additional Note for Authorization Process and Holds on Credit and Debit Cards: 

  • The credit/debit card will not be charged until the item/s order from us has been dispatched. At that moment customers will also receive an email containing the tracking information.
  • Before the item/s has been dispatched the debit or credit card will statement will include an authorized hold of the funds for Just For Warehouse which are equal to the purchase value. The hold secures the funds for our company, but the card is not charged until dispatch.
  • The pending charges is a temporary hold the possible payable amount which will influence your balance.
  • The exact amount of time until the funds are clear varies depending on the bank and credit card type.
  • In case that the order is canceled before dispatch the authorization hold will expire in accordance with the terms of the customer’s bank.

Happy shopping from the Just For Warehouse team.