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About Us

Just For Warehouse is an online store with a dedicated team and an attractive array of products retailed, offering a relaxed shopping experience through its large variety of product categories and themes. Our merchandise is quite varied, meaning that our customers will be able to find that extraordinary product that they need to feel satisfied with their purchase.  Our merchandise covers numerous high quality brands in their domain, meaning that all purchases with us will be satisfying ones.

Our store has been designed in such a manner as to offer our customers a relaxed and easy to explore environment with a broad selection of merchandise in different categories under a safe and protected online environment. Our company is committed to serving our customers in terms of quality, safety, promptitude and practicability.

Just For Warehouse operates as an online company only and has been launched in the second half of 2015. In just a few months our company has significantly increased its merchandise diversity as well as overall customer satisfaction as we are mainly focusing on providing high quality solution and services for most of our customer’s needs.

Our store’s main strategy focuses on 3 key words: simple, inexpensive and prompt. We try to offer our customer an Easy to browse online store where they will be able to find Economical solutions for their needs and Efficient services that covers not only shipping, put customer service, returns, exchanges and even warranties to a certain extent.

In order to achieve our strategy's 3 keyword focuses we have arranged a highly capable team that focuses on providing high quality services by constantly striving to negotiate high quality services from our business partners.

Visions and Values

At Just For Warehouse we love our work!  We are a young team, but dedicated towards our work that desires to become a name in the online environment. We approach all our business processes with a high level of responsibility and integrity as we fully understand the trust that our customers place in the products that we merchandise and in the security and promptitude of our services.

Our mission is to offer all our customers a satisfied purchase from our store. In order to achieve this we have structured our store to be Easy to use and browse, a store that holds a captivating array of Economical products, all under Efficient services from both our team and our business partners.

Our Store Pillars

We at Just For Warehouse have built our store on our product diversity and our high quality and efficient services.  We try to make a name for ourselves in the online business by focusing on strengthening our store pillars:

  • To provide high quality customer service optimized for our customer needs and shopping experience
  • To improve our business partnership in order to provide our customers with a secure and efficient shopping environment
  • To improve our product variety by expanding our categories and increasing our collaborations with renowned manufacturers in the domain.

Our strive is to provide diversity

We at Just For Warehouse consider that excellence can be achieved only by diversity. We strive to provide our customers with a large variety of products that will provide our customers with choice possibility that they need.  We try to bring our customers the products and services that they want no matter the age, lifestyle and use.